Learn about HTTP/3 Protocol - Explained in detail here

Companies like Pinterest and google have already move to HTTP/3 - So what is this new Protocol

HTTP/3 is based on QUIC(Quick UDP Internet Connections), and thus UDP, rather than transmission control protocol (TCP), and TCP’s limitations are what caused my streaming video problems.

The use of QUIC means that HTTP/3 relies on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), not the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Switching to UDP will enable faster connections and a faster user experience when browsing online.

HTTP/3 also includes features like improved header compression, server push, and early data, which can further improve the performance of web communication.

Additionally, HTTP/3 uses TLS 1.3 as the default security protocol, which provides better security and privacy than previous versions of TLS.

Benefits of HTTP/3 is that it can improve web performance, especially on mobile devices and in environments with poor network conditions. HTTP/3's use of UDP protocol helps to reduce the number of round trips required to establish a connection, which improves the overall latency.

However, it's worth noting that HTTP/3 is still a relatively new protocol, and not all web servers and clients support it yet.